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The Anti-Wellness Retreat for Physicians 

A Virtual Space to Reclaim Joy, Play, and Creativity

October 17-23, 2022

as we unpack wellness together with leading experts!

7 Days
21 Speakers

3 Speakers Featured Per Day
Watch/Listen on Your Own Schedule 

Coming together to rediscover our true essence, & perhaps what brought us to medicine in the first place.  Experts from the fields of mental health, mindfulness, psychotherapy, and compassion share their perspectives on how we, as physicians, can reconnect with true joy, play and creativity.
You might be wondering why we are calling this the 'anti-wellness' retreat.  

Wellness has become a complex topic these days.  So often, wellness has meant more checkboxes to complete, more mandatory resilience trainings, or powerpoint overload.  

We want you to leave our virtual wellness retreat feeling...well!  

Topics Include:
From Striving to Thriving / The Science of Happiness / Effortless joy with Yoga Nidra / Creativity as a Path to Self-Care / Giving grace to all of Ourselves / How to Set Boundaries as a Physician Mom / Collective Wellbeing as Joyful Social Justice / How Becoming Mindful Can Transform Healthcare / 3 Steps to Overcome High Stress Moments Quickly / Spirituality, Resilience, and Well-being in Healthcare / Reclaiming Joy in Medicine Through Science and Humanism / Openness and Awareness: Finding Stillness In the Sacred Now / Finding One's SMILE again: Wellness and Humanism in Medicine

Meet Our Featured Speakers:


How The Retreat Works

1. Sign up today here (it’s totally free).


2. Get your all-access pass to all retreat content.


3. Watch/listen to the experts in conversation
on your own schedule, on-demand.


Meet Our Virtual Retreat Hosts:


Dr. Monisha Vasa, M.D.

Dr. Monisha Vasa is a board certified General and Addiction Psychiatrist in Orange County, California, and the co-founder of Sustainable Caring.  

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Nicole is a physician (Anesthesiologist) and completed the Integrative Medicine Fellowship through the University of Arizona with Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D..
She is also a certified 500-hour yoga instructor and Certified MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) instuctor.

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Wellness Group 

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